5 Gründe Immer Schmuck zu tragen

5 reasons to always wear jewelry

People all over the world wear jewelry every day. Jewelry has a special meaning in different cultures, especially when it comes to heirlooms. When we think of jewelry, the female gender always comes to mind, although wearing jewelry is common for men as well.

Divine energy can be absorbed by wearing jewelry. As a result, we protect ourselves from negative energies. Sometimes it even causes spiritual healing.

1. Protection from negative energies

SSRF has conducted spiritual research confirming that wearing jewelry can be spiritually beneficial. Through the possible absorption of the divine consciousness (Chaitanya), the black, negative energy in the body can be reduced. You can also protect yourself from attacks by negative entities (demons, spirits, etc.). When wearing jewelry, one can even speak of spiritual healing due to the acupressure.

2. Finger rings

Gold rings attract divine consciousness (chaitanya), activate and radiate divine energy. Aucupressure is applied by applying light pressure to the finger, eliminating black energy disturbances.

By the way: It is particularly beneficial to wear rings on the ring finger or middle finger. Women should prefer the left hand and men the right hand for greater benefit.

3. Earrings

Earrings attract and radiate the divine principle, creating bliss and spreading it throughout the body and surrounding area.

4. Gold chains

Gold chains worn around the neck emanate waves of the Absolute Fire Principle enriched with Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya). These promote a person's fighting spirit, an important quality for seekers to fight against negative energies. In addition, Raja-tama particles in the environment, which cause people to act only for their own benefit, are destroyed.

5. Materials

Metals have different amounts of divine consciousness, as the following table shows:

metal share in divine
gold 70%
Silver 35%
copper 15%
Other 3%

Gold jewelry should always be worn above the waist. This can protect against stronger negative energies.

Below the waist one should focus on silver jewelry to be protected from lower level ghosts. In addition, waves of desire enriched with raja are absorbed.

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