Jaspis der Stein für Körper & Seele

Jasper the stone for body & soul

Jasper is the gem of all gems as it has powerful healing properties. People have believed in its effects for thousands of years.

The name jasper comes from the Greek and means something like speckled stone. Even in ancient times it was one of the most coveted gemstones.

Today, jasper is one of the most important healing stones and brings joy to many people.

The jasper belongs to the quartz stones and there are about 70 different stone varieties. This stone comes in virtually every hue, which contributes to its popularity for use as a gemstone.

Jasper and its effects

The jasper brings inner peace and mindfulness. It also promotes endurance of willpower and strengthens the mind and memory.

According to ancient records, jasper is said to protect against illnesses and rejuvenate spirit, heart and mind. It also has its effects on the kidneys, blood, bladder and intestines, bile, liver and stomach. In the stomach area, it helps against indigestion and abdominal pain of all kinds.

Jasper can also have a positive effect on the psyche. The following properties are primarily attributed to it:

  • More dynamic
  • strengthening of vitality
  • Support for apathy, stress and rashness
  • memory improvement
  • increase in purposefulness
  • Inner satisfaction
  • balance
  • Promotion of assertiveness
  • Weakens lack of will

The jasper gives new energy to implement goals and ideas. A great stone for every man and woman.

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