Be A Robin

With every order on Bahija, you support Be a Robin with a contribution and automatically help to make our world a little better.

We live in excess and in consumer madness, we are fine, we have little fear and we never go hungry. That's great and should stay that way, but it's not just people like us who deserve this claim to a carefree life. By participating in Be A Robin, we want to help refugees seek happiness and freedom with dignity. Countless well organized NGOs are doing fantastic work helping with toiletries, blankets, clothing, medicine, tents and daily bread. Everything is missing.

The money will be used for projects designed to feed the souls and intellects of the refugees. By organizing recreational and educational activities, our participants are taken out of their monotonous everyday life, if only for a few hours a day, where “waiting” is their only vocation.

Since late 2015, some of Be A Robin's robins have been flying over the Calais jungle, working with NGOs and refugees there until the camp was evicted in October. In 2017 her field of activity expanded and the focus is now on the realization of projects in Zurich and Thessaloniki. There is no shortage of people in need.

Be A Robin provides a small amount of direct support to individuals or groups of people less fortunate than us. Sharing a little bit of his/her time or happiness should become every Robin's philosophy - always - even in everyday life.

Be A Robin