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Shelly is a beautiful anklet with a starfish & cowrie shell in silver 925 gold plated.
Janna is a fine anklet with two rings inside each other. It can be easily adjusted and is made of silver 925.
Suna is a silver 925 gold plated & turquoise colored earring. Turquoise is a protective stone which gives you self-confidence & it strengthens communication skills.

Linn is a ring made of silver 925 with a green amethyst set in it. The ring can be practically adjusted. Amethyst gives security as well as calmness & gives stability during violent emotions. It also improves intuition.

Palina is a must-have necklace in silver 925 with a modern crescent.
Maria is a simple necklace in silver 925 gold plated & with an elegant chalcedony pendant, which shines with its uniqueness. Chalcedony frees you from fears & gives you inner strength.
Melina is a ring made of silver 925 with the symbol tree of life. The tree of life symbolizes growth and development, fertility, immortality and healing. Just like the tree, you need to deal with the different seasons.



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