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Jewelry – The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Jewelry – The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day finds its origins in the land of unlimited possibilities, the USA. In 1905, the mother of Anna Jarvis, a single Philadelphia schoolteacher, died on the first Sunday in May. Anna then decided to organize an annual day of thanksgiving for all mothers to draw attention to the important social roles of mothers and to express her admiration. Finally, she succeeded in having this day registered as an official holiday in 1914.

In England, this day has been known as “Mothering Sunday” since the 16th century, when family life prevailed over commercial life. Children had already picked flowers for their mothers on the way home after work and accompanied their female parent to church.

In our country, we take care of our mothers on this day by relieving them of their caring duties. You should be able to enjoy the day. Often this day starts with breakfast in bed, which is usually prepared by the children. Additional gifts emphasize the admiration of the mother’s hard work. Often, this is done by resorting to jewelry to symbolize the eternal love of the mother or wife.

But what jewelry is best suited as a Mother’s Day gift, should it be a ring or rather a bracelet? We will be happy to address the question in the next sections.

Necklaces – A sign of love

As a Mother’s Day gift, necklaces are particularly suitable because the symbol of love is worn directly on the heart. Often on pendants in the shape of a heart are preferred, but it may be happy to be a symbol of personal connection to you or your mother. The symbol of love knows no boundaries and so should your imagination.

Bracelets – A shield

Not so long ago, warriors and hunters decorated their wrists with various types of bracelets. They served as a sign of nobility and power and were therefore very popular. Today, bracelets have lost this meaning somewhat and function more as a souvenir or good luck charm.

Ear jewelry – A constant companion

Unlike earlier times, today wears ear jewelry more the female gender. Today, even at an early age little girls are pierced ears. Previously, it was mainly the men, such as sailors, who wore gold earrings, which were useful as a nest egg or even death.

Earrings set special accents, especially when they are given with a lot of love. They come in a wide variety of styles, making them perfect as a fitting Mother’s Day gift.

Rings – The infinity

The ring is considered one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry there is. Even today, the wedding ring symbolizes the eternity and permanence of a relationship. It is a sign of two lovers. However, rings are suitable not only for weddings but also as Mother’s Day gifts. Plain rings go with any style and all types of clothing. While more flashy rings are probably worn more on special occasions. You are sure to find a suitable piece of jewelry for your beloved mother.

Your decision

We hope we could give you some ideas and information. But ultimately, no blog can tell you which will be the perfect gift for your mom. You know your mom best and will intuitively choose the perfect gift. Gifts that come from the heart are always right and underline the appreciation of another person. And that’s really the only thing that matters. And eventually she will get her breakfast in bed.

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